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Convert SolidWorks part file to 3D AutoCAD file

By Stephen Nyberg on 09 May 02:22 4 answers 44415 views 13 comments

is there a way to convert a 3D part file from SolidWorks to a 3D drawing in AutoCAD and not just a bunch of 2D drawings?

4 answers

  • Eugenio Miliani
    Eugenio Miliani over 5 years ago

    Yes, First, you have to create a sat file using Solidworks selecting "Save as" and changing the format type to SAT. After, open that file in Autocad, go to file menu, select "import" on that menu and change the format to sat. Very important observation is that Autocad just open file before "Sat version 8", so when you are saving the file in Solidworks, go into "Options" and select the version 7. If you choose a newer version, Autocad won't open it. Bye.

  • Harvey Fonseca
    Harvey Fonseca over 3 years ago

    In AutoCad-2012 version, you can directly convert to any given file format by choosing the IMPORT option. The files that can be imported are - 3D Studio-*.3ds, ACIS-*.sat, CATIA V4-*.model;*.session;*.exp;*.dlv3, CATIA V5-*.CATPart;*.CATProduct, FBX-*.fbx, IGES-*.jgs;*.jges, Inventor-*.jpt;*.iam, JT-*.jt
    Metafile-*.wmf, Micro Station DGN-*.dgn, NX-*.prt, Parasolid Binary-*.x_b, Parasolid Text-*.x_t, Pro/ENGINEER-*.prt*;*.asm*, Pro/ENGINEER Granite-*.g, Pro/ENGINEER Neutral-*.neu, Rhino-*.3dm, SolidWorks-*.prt;*.sldprt;*.asm;*.sldasm, STEP-*.ste;*.stp;*.step and All DGN Files-*.*

  • Patrick Hughes
    Patrick Hughes over 5 years ago

    I just tried this and it worked very nicely. Autodesk Inventor Fusion Preview (free, and good until April 2013) will open SolidWorks files. From that you can save the file to a .dwg format. Simple and easy.

  • Patrick
    Patrick almost 4 years ago

    Thanks for this useful tip.

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