Converting mesh files from scan into editable CAD in Fusion 360

Have mesh files from scan of a special pair of googles and trying to make a visor to black out openings - converting mesh files to CAD in Fusion 360 main issue - very complicated to model editable bodies with minimal faces that represent surface geometries of the mesh models (yes they have been reduced - mesh to repb - still have thousands of faces and only want like 50)

if you have expertise in this, I could use some help getting a workflow sorted out for these meshes - not the first time this has been a problem

1 Answer

These are based on SOLIDWORKS instead of Fusion, but might be some general tips you can apply:
Convert STL (or OBJ) Mesh to SOLIDWORKS Model (NURBS)
A SOLIDWORKS face mask with Surfacing

Both tutorials deal with building proper CAD data around an imported mesh. The biggest factor with this type of work, is there is no magic button that does the conversion (yet).

Hurdle one is capturing clean data
Hurdle two is cleaning up the scan data, while not losing detail
Hurdle three is scaling the scan data
Hurdle four is orienting the data in a logical and useful manner
Hurdle five is making the CAD data around the scan/mesh model