Copyright issue?

Do the designers have any copyright in their models that upload on the GRABCAD???
I'm asking this becouse someone take one of my models and selling it here: without my permision!!

and some other models look like very familiar!

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At least the NetrinoMedia Support Team have respond and they have removed my item and sent a warring email to the "thief".

The GC staff said that "they will contact the engineer with a warning to take measures against such activity." and that "members have no right to download models here and sell somewhere else. It's clearly stated in the Terms of Use that the content can be used only for own and non-commercial use."

I'm not the best designer but I think everyone deserves some respect in the work it does. Anyway I don't believe that we can fix the whole "system".

Check here: and if you spot your stolen model, notify the site to take your model down as I do.

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This is a difficult topic, the words Non Commerecial use doesn't actually have a fixed/standard definition, , I'm no lawyer but in the Terms of Service its says

"4. Content Posted on GrabCAD. All content submitted by the Contributors is for non-commercial use only, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Contributor."

What I understand by "commercial use" is receiving revenue from sales of content obtained on this site, like I said I'm no lawyer but that's my opinion.

So to me it's a violation!

This is only my opinion and not thr law, so don't use this in a legal battle.

Read this link , it's the best I could find!

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Thank you guys for starting this unwanted thread, Hans De Ridder also saw one of my models used by this dirtbag and gave me the heads up, reported and had taken down... Maybe need to report to paypal to help eliminate theft?! ( if possible)... Not different than bad feedback on seller on Ebay...They won't pay or back that account... Bitch we have to be here!

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Stephen I was not implying GC should do nothing, clearly I should have expanded that of course we are trusting in them to help protect our ideas, however we are posting this for as many to view and there are going to be problems... I just think the site that is paying him is more culpable for the crackdown.

I don't want to argue and KNOW GC will do everything they can, but short of "private" or not posting some dirtbag is gonna steal and try to profit.

The truest solution to prevent is to do something along a "real" registration, which I am not necessarily for, but helps locking down...

My 2 cents...

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you're right ..
he takes many models from grabcad
what should we do?

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I sent an email via contact to the site, and a nasty personal message (No response) They took down the violation but did not close his account! I don't know that GC can / should be held accountable... We post it on the internet, there's going to be thieves! (NOT THAT THAT IS ACCEPTABLE)

We are all in this together... Lets play nice together, what can GC do?

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I just spoke with Sara and GrabCAD is working the issue.

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