Copyright issue?????

Do the designers have any copyright in their models that upload on the GRABCAD???
I'm asking that question for a second time, becuse again I found my model to be sold without my permission, ( ) That's very annoying and I hope this time the GrabCAD staff will do or think the right ways to eliminate that fact!

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I would report it the the web site selling it and email GrabCAD.

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Essentially Grabcad is public domain. Once it's out there it's gone.

Grabcad does state the following...

Don’t take models from GrabCAD to sell on other sites.
All models on GrabCAD are not for commercial use. You must get permission from the individual who created the content for anything other than personal use. Do not link to commercial sites in your Profile or Projects. This does not mean that members are not open to commercial use possibilities - each individual is different. You must ask before any commercial use. If we find you engaging in commercial activity with other members' models, we will delete your account, with or without warning.

But this pretty much relies on good faith...!?

I have had some communication with Sara Sigel on how to prevent this, but until something is implemented you cannot control how your models are used. We discussed something similar to Flikr where you upload your model inito a group for either private, public or limited access etc

One option is that you build features in that link the model to you. doesn't necessarily help in situations like this (depends on the website), but at least you can demonstrate the model is being used without your permission?

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Michael Waugh I realy don't understand what you are trying to tell me?
Someone just take the model that I design Wooden Bucket and is trying to sell without my permision!

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