Could tutorial with any cad model in GrabCAD be useful?

What if most of our uploaded cad models have a simple tutorial how to make it. Do you think it is something our engineers are willing to do and what would possibly motivate them to do so?

I personally would find it very useful when learning something new. Shoot your ideas!

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I agree tutorial's or even a 'knowledge base' would be very useful especially to newcomers and students similar to PTC's Learning Exchange. Although software like SolidWorks already has a vast amount of information and tutorials available on Youtube it would be nice though to see more tutorials for the less used CAD Modelling software for instance, such as Pro Engineer.

Tutorials for making renders look more realistic would be very useful also!

Another factor is people's computers, some people probably only have enough system resources to run there modelling software let alone a screen capture program such as Camtasia.

I might be uploading a few Pro Engineer (Creo) tutorials in the coming weeks as I have to take part in PTC's Learning exchange as part of my university course if regulations allow me too!

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Personally I find it hard enough to get time for creating models to upload. There is no way I could do tutorials too. Especially when careful study of the feature tree usually lays out the how to create something, unless there is an obscure setting.

A searchable/sortable tips, trick, and hints section for the obscure settings would be a great addition.

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Most of the models I uploaded are a potential source for learning how to or how not to do it (pun to me)
One of the best ways to learn something new is to understand the way a model was built. An assembly is usually containing at least several different parts and on the left side, the feature tree shows all the operations and processes used to accomplish the resulting object. Pulling up the line to the first sketch shows the first step and the user can go through steps and follow the building procedures all to the end, and then, if interested to do some practice, start a new part and start with a new sketch and build up his/her own model from scratch. I know that I learned many thing exactly that way, by following steps on finished models. That does require a bit more effort, and of course, parts that are not converted into dumb objects showing "imported" but the full feature tree... To be honest, I lack the nerve to sit and create screenshots and explain every step on the way. Maybe I would do something like that if I had a different kind of job, being paid by hour spent on work and free to do whatever when I come home. Very often, I spend my afternoons and evenings working on projects for work.
No doubt, a well made and properly documented model can provide sufficient material to learn from.

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That would take a lot of time and work. One here and there is one thing, but not all models.

Can somebody create a tutorial on how to design a car on Inventor?? I'm been trying to find a good one, but nothing... thanks ;)

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it would be hard to do a full tutorials for large models however, we can have some modeling tips/tricks/hints of what we think is the most difficult part of it. For example if I upload a car model then I may add tips/tricks/hints on surfacing.

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I agree with the other 2 guys kasper it would be hard to do tutorials for large models but for the small ones I think that is a great idea if every one done a little to share there knowledge and upload to GrabCAD the model and a tutorial for that model it would help so many new comers to CAD and education in this game is worth it's weight in Gold... It would also benefit people who have been use CAD for years as they to might see a different approach to take with some of the basic tutorials...

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Definitely, tutorials are very useful. But to prepare everything for a tutorial takes a lot of time. Small tutorials like tips and tricks are not very time consuming but doing a big tutorial from scratch, than making a video with audio and uploading it takes a lot of time. Maybe my internet is not as fast as I would like but uploading a 2min. tutorial takes forever. Anyway I agree with Robert Stein, 3D models are more than enough to learn a lot about the matter.

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I would love to do tutorials on my models....... I have also tried doing one in December end, but I need to sort out my PC first because the computer becomes extremely slow while recording. I know I'm lacking hardware, but if anyone knows a way around it please let me know...... but I guess I'll have to wait for my graphic card before I do a tutorial......:-(((

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Pranav, I started with a laptop with a Celeron and integrated GPU, 2G DDR2. Since then, I have changed exactly three complete configurations and it's really a pain to do anything more than basic modeling on a slower machine. It can be done, but I have one rule above all: As long as the computer is faster than me, it's ok, I need to improve my skills, once I need to wait for the computer, the computer needs to be upgraded. That cost $$$ and not so easy to do when you become skillful and fast... A matching PC to keep up with a well trained designer/engineer can cost a lot... My recent upgrade on replacing the CPU, MB and RAM was around 500€...

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