Creating Object On Tilted Plane

Hey there,
I am new to AutoCAD 3D Modeling and dont have idea on making objects on tilted planes.
Is there any other way to do it other than rotating the object like changing UCS to the needed inclined plane.
I am attaching image file of the model, please see it.

Please help.
Many thanks.

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2 Answers

Of course, there is something called UCS (User Coordinate System) where you define the new coordinate system (X, Y, Z) to suite your requirement
for example you select the new UCS origin as the centre of the circle then define x-direction as a quadrant to that circle right edge, and y-direction as the quadrant to that circle upper edge.
If circle is not yet drawn then you define x,y,z of the centre of the circle then select X-Direction and rotate the x-axis by the inclination angle, and then draw the circle.

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I would not change the UCS.
See how to make a new reference plane in the software instead.
I've attached an example image from SolidWorks, but I suspect your software will have a similar tool.

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