Cut section in catia

How to see the half or 45 degree cut section of part in CATPart file??

Thanks in advance

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3 Answers

Use the Sectioning tool.

Or create a plane (or surface) at the cutting line, and split the part.

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If you are working on the Part Design, It is good to use boolean operation.

Just create new body and create a shape with 45 degree and then use remove boolean. When you dont need it just change define object or deactivate/delete remove boolean.

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Generally boolean is better than pocket. Because there is more than one body in part design. You can use this method for all body. And also 45 degree is not only with absolute axis. you may have different angle and also you may have more than 1 angle value. lets say 45 degree with X and 30 degree with Y. So boolean is better :)

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