Difference between ANSYS FLUENT and ANSYS CFX and ANSYS CFD-Flo?

ANSYS has the above three products for computational fluid dynamics solver...
but i need to know the difference between them?
and which one is the best in solving all kind of fluid dynamic problems?

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Good morning,

In this moment the best fluid solver through all three softwares specified by you are represented by FLUENT and CFX. The reason is represented by their manner in which can be done simulation in FSI domain (on ¨2 ways¨: one way is represented by the contribution of fluid on the structure, and second way by contribution of the structure on fluid; all this process made iterative and in the same time of simulation). This higher advance is very useful to see and understand better some phenomena which occurs in time, and how is influenced both fluid and structure reciprocal. Beside of fluid and structure, on the same study can be used thermal effect which add an plus in precision of results. More than that, fluid solvers (Fluent and CFX) and structural solvers use parallel processing (HPC) which add a plus in speed to resolve very complicate study and ensure more accurately results.
About CFD-Flo I don´t have many knowledge. Here I presented some of the best advantage offered by Fluent and CFX.
I hope is useful for you to decide with which of this softwares can start.

Keep in touch.

Best regards.

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Hi jitendra,

ANSYS is a software which use finite element to solve problems from various fields/domains (structural, thermal, fluid flow, electrical, and so on ...) as well coupled between. Because I start to learn ANSYS with ANSYS Classic, I recommend you also to start to learn it using the same route. The reason is very simple: only with ANSYS Classic you will be able to understand all principles of ANSYS (element type, materials, mesh, contacts, and so on ...).

For further questions don't hesitate to write here a post.
Keep in touch.

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hello sir,
what is the ansys software. and how many interface window in ansys. actually i am interseted to learn about ansys software but i cn't find the right path. so please give me some some information about ansys and how i am learn about it.
basisly i am design engg using solidworks, solidedge, autocad. so please give some help

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hello sir
In continuation of the above question i would like to ask from where one can find ANSYS Classic and is their any tutorials available for the same.

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