Does anyone use Blender to Render Solidworks models?

Having trouble getting the Latest version of Blender and LuxBlend to install....just wondering if it is worth my time......

Any Suggestions?

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You really only have a few options in that SW doesn't really kick out the file type(s) needed for blender. So you can check out this option for getting out an .obj file:

The "better" route, would be to use Modo as you have much better control in terms of getting files into and out of both programs.

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posting for other questions too: im still puttin in hours with blender. got it yesterday and rendering about 50 models for a website. it is my first rendering software as i dont have swpro. i use .stl files and 3/40 havent came into blender properly. personally it has taken forever for me to pick up and i picked up sw on my own. one rendering will take 5 minutes given you dont f around with the terrible panels and navigation for half an hour.

however for a free program there is absoloutely nothing more you could ask for. its doing what i want

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