how to use render tool in solidworks?

i'm don't know to perfectly rendering tool in solidworks............
can anyone guide me.............?

5 Answers

first you must turn on PhotoView 360 in the addins then there will be render options to use. If it is a well made model with material added all you really need to is get the model in the position you like on the screen and hit render. but then you can start to play with different appearances and scenes. use the preview window to see what the final render will look like and be sure to make sure your model is being viewed with perspective on. I asked a similar question about a moth ago and got a lot of good feedback from that.

Here is the question I asked and the answers that led me to be able to start making some cool renderings with SolidWorks and PV360.

additional info... right clk on part it will show you some commands... choose rendering.... choose face if u wanting to render face, choose body if u r wanting rendering for body.. choose feature like Extrude for rendering the feature...after cliking on right u can see lots of materials like metals, painted, plastic, rubber and many more...u can play with it by changing....or simply at left of screen u can see the simple colors u can choose color also.....enjoy rendering,,,thanx

Select Photo View 360 under Office Product .
A new tab "Render Tool" will appear.
Edit the appearance, scene, render quality etc.
Now click final render.

You use Photoview 360 that comes with Solidworks. If its nt on your toolbar , goto TOOLS - ADDINS AND CHECK THE PHOTOVIEW 360 BOX