dynamic motion analysis

i want to simulate the motion of my assembly. Solidworks motion analysis is kinematic so force by some part of the assembly can not transfer to the fix part.

My assembly consist,It is a reciprocation frame which is connected with PVC pipe.the pipe is fixed and because of its PVC it can bend when fram move forward .I know it quit diffficult to imagine what i am saying but does anyone know how to run dynamic motion analysis in solidworks.

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the white color bar you see is the PVC bar.And rotation is given to shaft.PVC has tendency to bend easily but in motion assembly frame part(That small angle) penetrate into bar.

Pls help me bro:)

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I know the motion analysis is kinematic and the solid contact is not working then what should i do??

purpose is when the frame move forward the angle will transfer force to bar and bar gets to bend a bit.


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Man, I'm sorry but each case is different from the others...I suggest you to watch some tutorials on kinematic analysis..My level in simulation analysis is still basic! Good luck!

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Dear Chintan Joshi,

first, I think u should define ur problem better... for example; u can take a front view and draw forces, that bar, ...direction of movement .....etc. that will help people to understand what u want and answer.

second, go to tutorials-> advanced simulation -> importing motion loads... is that what u need?

third, solidworks will not bending anything during the movement...

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Put up a small video of what exactly you are trying to do. I might be able to help.

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Hi chintan joshi, I'd like to watch your assembly to give you some advices.

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