Dynamic simulation IV 2012 ... Help??"?"

Hi Guys,

I am currently in the middle of a small project.

I have come to an issue where i want to use dynamic simulation but i dont seem to be making any progress.

If you refer to the pictures below:

I have a product travelling up a conveyor, a new product has been introduced into the same line thus i need to separate them.

As the sample runs up the bottom line it will carry on to the next conveyor inline. This line will the retract letting the next two products on the line fall to the line below. The top conveyor will return to its recieving position and so on.

I want to see how the sample reacts in this situation.

Is this possible???

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got my self mixed up the bottom left conveyor line will oscillate not the top right.

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Hi Robert
Here is a link for some good tutorials and also the models to go with the tutorials for IV @

Sorry I could not be of more help with your model as I am finding DS a little confusing to understand the method behind it LoL'ss

I hope this helps.....

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Hey Rob,

I think it's possible to represent the system with Dynamic Simulation, but it won't be exactly accurate. The problem is that the belt movement can't be simulated, so the sample's displacement must be produced “artificially”.

There are a few considerations that have to be taken into account, and probably make several attempts in order to achieve an acceptable result.

I wouldn’t say it’ll be easy, but it’s not impossible. Just some creativity ;).

Do you have experience with Simulation? If not, tomorrow’s deadline is a killer :S…

Good luck my friend.

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Hi Rob

Can`t help you with Inventor because i work simulations in Solid edge for something simple and Femap for huge assemblies...
...think ANY of CAD packages can not do thing you want to simulate...find some FEA software for this cause u need bunch of dynamic variables to feed...
hope it helps :)

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About imposing to the sample the artificial speed directly, remember to consider the change of speed or the lack of “push” when the sample passes through the conveyor transition. You can define these changes applying the speed values using the input grapher at the joint properties window. Another alternative would be to apply a force that could produce similar speed. Apply this force with the “Associative Load Direction” applyed and include the variations using the input grapher…

P.S.: I strongly recommed the book "Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor Simulation 20XX" by Wasim Younis. (Any Inventor version of the book works, Dyn Sim. hasn't changed since 2010)

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