Error in Assembly.

Hello, I made an assembly on SW with modeled parts and library parts (Gears, screws ...), but I made changes on the library parts and saved that new parts with a new name. OK...

But when I open the assembly, the library parts I've changed are missing, and the solidworks replace the parts has I changed by the original Library parts.
I need to "replace part" every day when I open that assembly.

Someone know how to fix that ??

Thankss !!!!

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I found this:

Maybe unchecking this fixes your issue. I've never used toolbox parts before, so this was "checked" by default in my SW.

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Did you add the new part to your Design Library, if not do so and you can use it without getting an error.

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Once you are successful with 'replace part', you should only have to save the assembly in order for it to always be using the new parts when you open it.

Have you successfully performed 'replace part', and then saved that assembly?

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Yes, every day when I open the assembly, I replace the missing parts and I save the assembly, I work on assembly all day long, and I save many times. But, if I close the SW and open again, the same error occurs. I think what the SW is fu**ing kidding with me (kkkk), he don't lose the link to the old parts.

My parts are in a specific paste, and the SW take the parts directly from the library...Ç_Ç

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