Mass errors during assembly changes

I have an assembly created with a couple of dozen parts in it. Each has a mass assigned. I created an alert on the mass sensor to advise when the weight went over 13900 KG. The mass of the assembly in total is around 12500KG however each time I move an item or add a small weight item the sensor alarm goes off and the assembly weight shows for example 17000KG or something way over what the item added.
In order to sort it out every time I change something and rebuild the assembly I need to click "edit sensor" , I change nothing and just resave it and the weight comes back to the accurate number.

I do not have items hidden and the sensor is set to ignore hidden masses.

Any ideas how I can ensure this sensor stays up to date and accurate without having to edit it every single time I change anything.

Thanks in advance.


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Twelve million grams makes me think you are using the wrong units to measure the mass of this object. I know units really don't matter, but try changing to kilograms as a test.

You may not have to edit the sensor for each update. You should be able to right click on the sensor and choose update. Sensors also update if you press the rebuild button, or use the shortcut Ctrl + B

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I elected to leave the units unchanged in SW as I can type in any weight in grams, KG etc and it converts back to grams. The issue for me isnt the unit of measure, its that I keep having to fiddle it. If I click the update sensor it goes to say 17tonnes when its actually 12tonnes.

Its like there is a hidden 5 tonnes in it somewhere but that goes away when I edit and resave the sensor.

I have an alert to warn if I exceed 13.9 tonnes.

I agree that that the sensor should dynamically update each rebuild. In my case the update causes the false information, which is resolved by edit and resave. Its very odd.

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I went through every component and set the units to KG. I also updated the assembly properties so that KG is used instead of G.

I still have it showing as 19,000kg approx on rebuild, then 12,000 KG after edit-save is done.

I deleted the sensor and created a new one with the same miscalculation occurring again.

Very curious this one...

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I think I found the problem though I dont know why this is the issue.
When I create a mass sensor by default it wants to add the assembly name to the box where the mass sensor is measured. I assume this is so you can create multiple mass sensors of components within an assembly.
If the assembly name is present in the box - xxxx.sldasm then an error occurs on rebuild.
If the box is blank then no error occurs.
Oddly if you edit the sensor the program automatically tries to put the xxx.sldasm name in the box and you need to remove it or youre back with the errors.


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