Ertiga chassis designing.

For my final year project I have to design the chassis of Maruti Ertiga.
So please help me regarding to which software is better (CATIA or Solidworks) for this work, and how could I find the Chassis dimensions online?

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3 Answers

If you just have to model the chassis, either CATIA or SolidWorks should be fine. Use whichever you have and know how to use.

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They did not provide any drawings or dimensions for you to use? That is a pretty critical element to the vehicle. If you are able to obtain specs or dimensions, either of the programs would work great for you. As Jack said above, it boils down to which one you prefer to work with. Both programs are more than capable. has a full model of the car, but it appears to be a STEP file of the outside only. (Used for renders)

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