Extracting A Surface

HI Everyone... Is it possible to extract or copy a surface from a STEP file in Inventor 2013 ?


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It depends on what you are trying to accomplish? If you want to use it to cut a part to make a locating nest or the like than definitely yes. More detail please.

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Hi Kevin.
Thanks for the prompt reply. The part is a sheet metal part (1.2mm) thick...
It has a feature which is not regarded as a plane because it has a slight curve ...as shown on the model...The production dept have problems putting the form on the surface ...I would like to extract the surface in order to design a forming tool....not come across this before...

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I'll make the assumption that you are fairly well versed in Inventor, to keep the answer compact, but please ask if you need more explanation.
1. Create an assembly of the tool, with the STEP part in place.
2. Edit the part in the assembly down to the level of the actual part to cut.
3. On the 3D model tab, use copy object to insert the STEP part into the tooling part file. (It may take a few attempts with different options to get the desired results)
4. Save the part and return to parent.
5. Open the tooling part directly.
6. Use split, combine, or sculpt tools to create the part. The best tool and results will depend on the specifics of the STEP part and the options chosen in #3 above.
If you need more detailed direction, please let me know.

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