Failed to upload.

I'm experiencing trouble uploading a model (.3dm)
Total size is roughly 560 MB and I'm using Google Chrome browser.
Is the size too large?

Edit: I found 2 micro naked edges while remaking some of the surfaces. Could that be the main reason why the upload failed?

The upload was finally succesful after managing the size under 500MB and fixing 2 small naked edges.

Thanks to anyone who answered

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3 Answers

It is hard to say.
Try uploading a smaller file. Does that work?
Maybe try compressing your 560 MB file with Zip, Rar, or another option?

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I remember a limit mentioned, but can't recall it…
Try uploading the files one by one, or folder by folder. Just don't upload the whole at once.
If it didn't work, try another browser.

I'll keep searching for the limit, but you'd better ask a staff member.

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So I just checked it out with Ahti Naruson, a GC staff member...
He told me that "The max. upload size for Community is 500MB, for Workbench it is 2GB.", which is why your model wouldn't upload at first.

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