Failed view generation

Hi Iam trying to make a side view of my modelled plane in catia and the software wont make the side view I need. It makes all the other views e.g. front etc but when it comes to the side view it comes up with 'view generation has failed' I looked on the internet and theres nothing really on how to resolve the problem

2 Answers

Side view means... your asking about projection view in drafting?
first check that view as link with the part. and then double click on the view lable and try to projection view.. u may get...

one more solution.

Create a side view of the part using front view command itself...

from Tools menu select "Delete Useless Elements" to clear all geometry that is not used in the part design

And then

From File menu select "Desk" command
a new window will appear
right click on your part in this window and select "CATDUAV5"
Check "Clean" and then press Run..this will clean the error "FGM_1"

Worked for me :)