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Failed view generation

By Gavin` on 16 Mar 15:43 2 answers 0 comments

Hi Iam trying to make a side view of my modelled plane in catia and the software wont make the side view I need. It makes all the other views e.g. front etc but when it comes to the side view it comes up with 'view generation has failed' I looked on the internet and theres nothing really on how to resolve the problem

2 answers

  • Aleksandra
    Aleksandra about 4 years ago

    from Tools menu select "Delete Useless Elements" to clear all geometry that is not used in the part design

    And then

    From File menu select "Desk" command
    a new window will appear
    right click on your part in this window and select "CATDUAV5"
    Check "Clean" and then press Run..this will clean the error "FGM_1"

    Worked for me :)

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