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Currently I am being introduce to Finite Element Analysis and our Engineer Teacher told us to make a simple static analysis to a piece or simple assembly in Solidworks. I have some ideas but I would love to get more extra ideas from GrabCad community.

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There are examples as many as engineering problem are. from a simple tensile test to complicated structures mechanical machines. but for some practical examples you can analysis a shaft with static & fatigue test with combine loading on it from a gearbox reaction to an unbalance mass on it. also you can analysis the suspension system of a car. For more ideas you can search previous FEA models here. But remember examples depend on you and your teacher interests.

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Here is an interesting item to examine. Ceramic ISOtruss 1 curved There is also a screen shot in there from a simple buckling test I ran. You can read more about this item here: https://www.novatek.com/labs-detail.php?projectID=34

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