Flatten a part in SolidWorks

I checked the questions and tutorials and cant find the simple thing I need to convert this part I made. I know this is basic and I still have trouble doing it.

I would appreciate any help that can be provided.

I would like to flatten this part in SolidWorks. What are the steps required?

I would also like to add one bend that would put a second bend of 15° back to normal on all the tabs. Would you please help me out?
Thanks, Bill

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Rob that was definitely the correct approach, I took a look at your model and wasn't sure why the last features were popping up as Boss/Extrudes weren't laying flat. I believe they were left out during the convert to sheet metal process. (When looking at the side orientation of the model, the flanges were still bent at their respective angles)

I attempted the model as well.

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Amos posted an answer via comment, you tube that showed me the basic steps also.


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The problem is what you've created isn't actually considered a 'sheet metal' part yet by solidworks. Sheet metal features and parts are kind of their own thing. I placed an 'insert bends' feature after plane5 (this 'converts' it to a sheet metal type of part) and a flatten feature at the end and that gets you close to where you want to go, I think.

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