How can I flatten this part in solidworks?

Hi there. I'm trying create a flat pattern of this part, but currently struggling. I wondered if somebody out there more intelligent than me could help out? I think my major stumbling block at the moment is the fact the part is curved in two directions.

Any help would be appreciated.

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5 Answers

Manged to recreate your rubber strip and make a flat-pattern.
I've included the files for you here on your question page

Unless it's going in a subsonic rocket engine, it'll be accurate enough for you create a prototype, or use right away for your project.

If you have any issues, post a comment here.
I'll find some additional time to help you out.

Professional Regards,

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Hi Nick,
Don't think SW able to flatten this curved part, but LogoPress can do.
Here is your part flattened with LP in SW2014 and STEP. Hope this will help and be enough accurate.

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Hello nick,

If you want to know how to create flatten this part in solidworks. Then go through it: .......this information may Help you!

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Did you have a Solidworks native part for this rubber strip? Compound bends are possible in Solidworks, and therefore able to be flattened for patterning, so there's hope. :)

The x_t file here is only a single solid body, best used for referencing the goal. If you don't have a SW native file, I'll take a run at recreating your rubber strip for the solution.


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Absolutely awesome guys, thank you so much! Seriously appreciate all of your help.

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