How can I build a model bottle in Solid EDGE
Friends of Grabcad
This wonderful school of Grab-CAD has given me many ideas and knowledge, there are things we know we are good and are able to make them easily, there are other things that our level of program management is more complicated or simple-main we are not able to do them.
I have a bottle design that came to mind and I want to do it in software management is Solid-EDGE ST5, the truth is I have not been able to do anything like this drawing.
At this time I would ask the help of designers handling Solid-EDGE to guide me and teach me the commands to draw a design of this type.
In the images you will see what I have drawn and what I managed to do, thank you all the help you can give me.
Best Regards.

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3 Answers

Hello Juan,

from your sketch it seem that the bottle have a very modelled shape.

I would proceed in this steps:

1 - draw a sketch of the bottle in the 3 principal view, scan it and insert inside the base planes.
2 - determine the base forms of the bottle (cilinder, cone, sfere, elipses) and build the base solid.
3 - determine the aestetich shape of the bottle and create the surfaces.
4 - merge solid and surfaces with boolean operations.

Have fun

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I was a bit lost with your information but thanks for your help

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No my friend I have not S7, if the commands no have too much different I try to follow your explanation.

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