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Hi. I came across some layout drawings for a model 4stroke gasoline engine. The modeling and assembly is complete but I can't seem to make the intake valve move.
The exhaust valve of the engine is operated by a camshaft (no problems there) but the intake valve is automatic and opens when the piston is traveling to the bottom dead center due to the generated vacuum.
Which constraint should I use?

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Hi Manolis, I agree with William on this one. It is hard to evaluate constrainst/movement problems in an assembly because there are so many parts and constaints, especially in an engine. In the past I have had similar problems in assemblies, then after investigating the matter found out that that just one misplaced constraint was responsible for the whole assembly not moving properly. If you would like to attach the drawings to an e-mail and send the files over to me and I would be glad to give it a look as well (please be sure to save the files for Inventor 2011, I haven't yet had a chance to upgrade my software yet). With you, William and me all working on it we should be able to get it solved no problem.
Have a nice day,

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Hi Manolis it is kind of hard for me to understand what constraint to use as I don't know what other constraints are all ready used and for what other parts around the part.... Could you please upload the model or send me it in a private file and I will have a little try and see it I can find the problem?
Thank you

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