Hole wizard in SolidWorks

I am in a SolidWorks class at my University and have this assignment to build this part. However I have forgotten how to fully use the hole wizard and cant figure out how exactly to interpret this drawing. If anyone can help me with a quick refresher on the holes specifically that would be great. I am also a little confused where it shows on some of the measurement a range essentially, ex. ".502 .498" or "1.000 .995" I suppose these might be tolerances? On another note, the teacher has taken these assignments from his AutoCad class, so maybe some of these features don't apply in SolidWorks? Anyway, any and all help is much much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

The two numbers are 'Limit Tolerance' with the upper and lower limit of the dimension listed. I think when idling the hole wizard you can type these right in there.

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