how can I add a subassembly without its mates in main assembly model?

Hi everyone ,
I hope you're well.
I have a problem .
well, I added 6 same subassemblies in a main assembly model, but I wanna to change a mate from a subassembly without any changing in other same mates of other subassemblies. Is it possible ?

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1 Answer

Open your sub assembly.
Create a new configuration
Modify the mate in the sub assembly that must be different. Make sure you specify to only make the change to that one configuration.

Go back to your main assembly
Change the configuration of the one sub assembly to be the different one.

Another option is to save the sub assembly off as a new assembly (i.e. with a different name). I think the configuration method is the "better way". But both will get you what you need.

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