how can i assign text to a curved surface?

how can i assign text to a cylinder, example assigning a logo to a drinks can.

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I had same problem month ago. I wanted to wrap picture on bottle, like wine bottle label/logo. Only solution I know in ACAD2008 so far is to use _materials and _materialattach. Result is not super but it's the best I know. You can see the result on my render "Cube and ball having picnic".

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thanks Leo i,ll give it ago and let you know how i get on. its been driving me crazy!

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Assigning text to a curved surface is a simple operation in Inventor.
Create a layer that is parallel to the surface to which you would like to assign text.
Create a new sketch on that layer consisting of the text (format it as you will from there)
Then use the Emboss/Engrave command and project it.
This will give a completely wrapped text on the surface you have chosen.

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