How can I calculate this in Inventor


I dont know if its possible to calculate the thread stress on two pipes that are connected to eachother with thread. See picture.

Can someone share some light here.

Thank you!!!

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I just talked to the support guys, they say I have to use bonded and treat it as a weld. A Little bit strange but...nothing to do about it.

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Yes it can be calculated but you would need to let peps know what the force is, what type of metal what grade of metal amongst some other things and what thread size.....

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Your question would be better posted at Doing a bit of homework on that site, you might even find a set of equations that would be appropriate.
That said someone with access to FEA could certainly help identify the stress on the threads.

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Hi Again!!!

Kevin, thanks helpful but I would like to do the calculation in inventor.

William, Attached I have made a quick drawing with dimensions. The material is AISI 316L.

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