How can i change reflection image to other

I have Inventor 2008 and there is reflection image ( outdoor image), where is trees and cars etc, I like use more simple imagem so that cars are not visible in my design,

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What Inventor Youhave? My Inventor 2008 looks not similar , when i open Applications ---Colour__
I dont find settings table at all??
Could You sen dmore specific photos step by step
How can i make main setting sso, that i can see all those tables?

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Hi Matti it's me again

I found out that inventor 2008 doesn't work as I thought BUT you are lucky
(or I hope you are) the link below...

... will show you how to change between the reflection images...

I thing everything has been change after Inventor 2009 to allow more option and flexibility... as obviously required.

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Hello again

I try to do after orders, BUT its not work, I m misisng all reflection image, comes info that Inventor dont find path to

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I have close and open according orders, but problem is inside;
Must i open DDS file, where image is or wich way it can change?
If i only rename other image to ParkLot, its not wor
Must i maby open some pathts for Programm etc??
Thanks anyway and have a nice weekend, her in Finland is mornings "cool", like minus 30 Degree, so welcome here rgds Matti

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Hi Matti

I am really sorry that anything of the above weren't helpful for you...
The last advise that I have is for you to go through your registry... Dangerous area and it doesn't worth to challenge your computer for a reflection of your model. Either way you will use another software for a final quality rendering...I believe?!

However, the link below shows that if anything didn't work until now the only way is the registry way... BAD SIGN!!!

The guidelines for this solution are in the following links...

Link 1

Link 2

You might consider in the future to change it in a more recent release. It will save you a lot of trouble...

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Hello my teacher Ioannis Skarlatakis,,,,

Guess what?

I did according to your instructions and voila.........................ITS WORK OKAY now..

You are sorcerer

I go step by step slowly inside my computer and miracle happens

Now You are welcome to "cool" Finland, we can take glass good wine

Rgds Matti
Inventor student from Finland

PS; See my kitchen render

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