How can I change workspace background color?

I'm bored the color of background and I want to change it. how can I do?

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To specify different colors, click Tools, Options, System Options, Colors. Some of the items for which you can specify color include:

* Viewport Background
* Top Gradient Color
* Bottom Gradient Color
* Drawings, Paper Color
* Drawings, Background
* Grid Lines, Major
* Annotations, Imported

Hope this helps

PS. Gary was a bit faster on this :)

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Tool > Options > System Options > Colors > Viewport Background. Under Background appearance choice Plain.

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You might also want to try the "Apply Scene" Command. Its a little colored icon. It may already be at the top of your graphics area. If not you can add it. TOOLS>CUSTOMIZE>COMMANDS tab>VIEW Category. Mouse over icons until you get the "Apply Scenes". Drag & Drop to menu bar or top graphics area. Click OK, then go to "scenes icon" where you will find a whole host of different scenes. Cheers :)

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