How can I open new version Solidworks files in old version ( 2010 )

I have SolidWorks 2010 that I use for school and when I want to open file from SolidWorks greater version of 2010 it won't load it... I tried with converting it in STEP file and then opens just the assembly and I can't access the parts then... btw after shuting down that window it doesn't want to open the STEP file anymore....

I would apreciate any help,
Thank you

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2 Answers

Unfortunately Solidworks will not open newer versions. Opening at a step file looses the feature tree items. Assemblies can open as multiple "imported" items. These items can often be saved as individual parts by saving the assembly then deleting all but one import at a time and saving each one. I do not know why you would not be able to open the step file again.

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only one thing u can do u export ur all parts separate and open them in old version and re assemble them so u can open ur file in old version and also u have ur parts tree fully functional.

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