How do i convert .sldprt file into .stl?

How do i convert .sldprt file into .stl? Do i need a specific software or can i do it by SolidWorks?

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If you have GrabCAD Workbench, you can convert any .sldprt file to STL via Right-Click, Download As... then choose .stl format.

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Convert .SLDPRT to .STL

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Is a simple thing in SW, just save as STL. When saving assembly go to options and save all components in a single file

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I'm so effing frustrated right now , ive tried it all and still cant convert sldprt to stl , like WTF HELP!!!!!

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unfortunately I do not have SW and I can not find one free trial, there is a converter that does this action?

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You can simply go to and convert you file online. It has a free trial, so you can give it a go!

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