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How do I do this?

By Ricardo Sousa on 19 Oct 14:09 3 answers 2 comments

Hello. I am a design student in Portugal and I am doing my final project to present in 4/5 months. I know it is hard but I and was going to ask if anyone could help me come up with an idea for one. I am in Mechanical Design and would love to do something interesting.. Any ideas?

3 answers

  • Phil Maddox
    Phil Maddox about 2 years ago

    It might help if you give us a few indicators. Does it need to be something commercially viable. Pure mechanical design? Something that can be assembled from existing components or a totally new design?
    Good luck

  • Phil Maddox
    Phil Maddox about 2 years ago

    many years ago i considerd designing a device that would clean an escalator hand rail. good for hygene etc etc.
    In the mean time i have seen a few concept ideas on the web but no real working models.
    the idea was that it would be powered by the motion of the hand rail and through gearing would drive a cleaning pad/roller or similar.
    could even drive a generator / battery arrangement for wifi/screen/lights etc.
    just an idea.
    i had some sketch up files but cant find them anymore.
    good luck

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