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How do I...???

By Manolo Valenzuela on 22 Jun 18:52 6 answers 923 views 1 comment

Naaa... KeyCreator is so powerfull simple that I can Do and Modify any 3D solid from any CAD software.

I do not understand why you are looking for help in specific CAD sofware.

6 answers

  • Michael Dean
    Michael Dean over 3 years ago

    I've been using KeyCreator/Cadkey since 1997. Then in 2000 the company set up a newly hired engineer with Pro/E. (After I told them they'd regret it.) That lasted about 3 years.

    In 2003, when Cadkey Corp went bankrupt, and we weren't sure it will be around much longer, the entire company switched over to Solidworks. However, when Kubotek bought Cadkey, and renamed it KeyCreator, I bought a seat. And still use it daily. Along side of Solidworks. I agree with Gerald. SWX is to constraining. (Isn't that what "constraints" are meant to do? Constrain you?)

    Since that time we've hired some new engineers, none of which have used anything but SWX. And they laugh at KeyCreator. But they come to me when they get stuck. And I've never failed at being able to get them out of a jam.

    And yet still they "believe" SWX is superior. Because that's the "conventional wisdom".

    "You have to have parametrics.", they say.

    "Why?", I ask.

    "Because you just do.", they say.

    "Well okay, then. As long as you have a logical reason.", I quip.

    They hate me. :) (Until they get in another jam, that is.)

  • William
    William over 4 years ago

    First time I have heard of it now that I have went and watch a few youtube vids and yes it does look impressive and very simple to use with a lot of great little features...... but why have we never heard of it that is the question to be asked now!!!

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy about 4 years ago

    Was also known as CadKey years ago. Use this program daily and agree that it is really powerful and easy to learn.

  • Gerard Boterman
    Gerard Boterman about 4 years ago

    I think it is very sad that KeyCreator is poorly marketed.
    Currently I am forced to use SolidWorks, which is extremely restrictive to use due to it's interface, having to define en relate everything and not being able to use 2D entities and solids in one environment.
    Unfortunate it is hard to explain the core SolidWorks users the freedom in design of free-form modellers. The freedom to import any solid model from any CAD platform and being able to modify/edit this model as it becomes a native KeyCreator model when imported. No messages of 'foreign model' or feature recognition. Did you know that creating concept design work can be done in half the time using KeyCreator, simply because you do not have to define sketch relations and mating parts?
    I have been using SW and KC side by side now for two years and can rate both systems on pro and cons. SW is too restraining.

  • John P. DeConti
    John P. DeConti over 3 years ago

    I have used Cadkey and KeyCreator for many years and always loved it. I have also used Solidworks, and there are pluses and minuses but for what I have done KeyCreator has been the best choice. Not to mention the difference in cost is significant. I agree with Gerald and William about the speed and other comments too.

  • Ken Burdges
    Ken Burdges 9 months ago

    I have been using cadkey (key creator since 1987 and still enjoy it. Wish they had not taken the ncmill feature out. I still use it by exporting a model to cadkey and mill thee model. The use of 2d and 3d togetherr is great as well as the editing solids from other cad systems.

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