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How do I model a cylinder in solidworks?

By Tinuola Udoh on 19 Jun 20:51 11 answers 1218 views 0 comments

What is the simplest way to make a cylinder?

11 answers

  • Ajeet  Mishra
    Ajeet Mishra about 2 years ago

    Just make a rectangle and apply revolve command and then give any line as an axis it will become a cylinder.

  • AntonEnot
    AntonEnot about 2 years ago

    Пиздец, цилиндр он нарисовал

  • Jaanus Ismael
    Jaanus Ismael about 2 years ago

    So what, doesn't it contain a cylinder or what? :)

  • Noushin Rahija Huma
    Noushin Rahija Huma about 2 years ago

    select a plan,draw a circle & then extrude it.....after that can filet the edge......
    it can be revolved supporting an axis...................

  • pratyush acharya
    pratyush acharya about 2 years ago

    -1st make a rectangle in one plane.
    -then take any one of the side among those 4 sides,
    -& then revolve., As a result it will make a cylinder.

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