Nick Unick

How do I remove weird part properties in Workbench from my SolidWorks files?

Question by Nick Unick

To better search for parts in Workbench you can add custom properties to your SolidWorks files. However, I'm experiencing Workbench picking up weird properties from my files such as SW_UnitsDecimalRounding, SW_UnitsDualLinear, SW_UnitsAngular, etc (see attached image). When I Google such properties it seems they are tied to the document properties/macro code, but I haven't intentionally added anything like that to my parts.

Has anyone experienced this when uploading SolidWorks files to Workbench? Is there a way to remove these from my files so that Workbench doesn't add these to my part properties/search filter?


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sam beveridge
Answered on 31 Jul, 2017 02:38 PM

hi nick did you get to the bottom of this as i am experiencing the same issue,

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