How do i use these in inventor?

I need the have the drawer slides function or at least in the closed position, I am not sure how i go about getting these to function. I have not used many of these file formats before.
(WEBSITE = , that is what i am after. I am looking for the different sizes that i can have on hand in a file system for future use and what not.)

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You can use an Inventor assembly and with some of the right constraints I think that it could fit and move just perfect for what you would need. In the past I have done a number of assemblies that seem similar to what you would need, with an object in place that could move but had restricted movement. If you want I can send over an e-mail with some examples for you to check out. Just send me an e-mail of where/if you want me to send it. My e-mail is
Have a nice day,
Greg Pavlik

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Ah! Models from McMaster Carr. I actually like their site very much. If assemblies are available, the STEP format has always been pretty good. You will have to re-constrain all of the parts in the assembly after the translations have been successfully performed. I'd have to agree with William on the iParts options for multiple versions of the same assemblies. You will need to reverse engineer an assembly and have all of the correct parameters set in your parts for this to work. Lets just hope the OEM doesn't make a change in the future that costs you lots of money!

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you can use Positional Representations.
Positional representations capture kinematic "snapshots" of assemblies to allow for motion studies and evaluation of an assembly in various positions. Positional representations are saved in the parent assembly and can be retrieved at any time for further analysis or modification.

They are often used in conjunction with flexible assemblies to both set a subassembly to a given kinematic state, and leave remaining degrees of freedom exposed to the parent assembly.

See here

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You would use driven constraint for them slidders to open and close....
You would also use I-parts for diffrent sizes of the same model to your choice.

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