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How do i model a pressure vessel using ilogic in autodesk inventor.

By patrick udegbunam on 19 Sep 21:27 2 answers 4 comments

Do I model each components separately with its parameter.? I need a step by step to enable me develop a model for any size of vessel. other methods are welcome

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  • Wilhelm Coetzer
    Wilhelm Coetzer about 2 years ago

    I prefer to work with seperate solids inside a single part when I work with iLogic (personal preference :)) - but I think you are right in using an assembly with seperate parts.

    It will take a book to do a step-by-step explanation for you... and then your application will probably be unique (you may not even be able to use much of the coding/model).

    There is a lot of planning involved in doing this - it is like writing a computer program. You have to figure out precisely what options there are to each part/feature.

    Take just the tank for e.g.:
    volume (diameter/length)
    dome / inverted dome
    wall thickness
    lines coming in (qty & sizes)
    service/access panel
    windows/peep holes
    then vertical/horizontal mounted
    legs (different sizes/shapes)

    now you model each possibilty and rename the feature to what component it is - and then inside iLogic:

    you can switch on/off these features for each combination.
    make the wall thickness a listed variable (meaning they will only be able to pick from a list the available thicknesses)
    maybe even write a small program to give baseline specs as to what pressure and capacity the selected values will give (obviously to be verified by an engineer)

    Good luck (really ) in finding somebody that has the time and is willing to do this for you for free. There are businesses that only does this kind of Inventor iLogic programming.

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