How do you deform a part in spaceclaim? perhaps using scaling?

So I think this is called "cage" scale or something along those lines. basically I have a 3d head that I want to flatten into a relief for a coin. so by selecting it i want to scale in only one direction. say along the blue axis for example. It's simple in something like sketchup but I don't want to convert it into a mesh. Any ideas? thanks.

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OK, in Spaceclaim I find the operation tricky. Being also a user of SketchUp, I agree this could be simpler.
You need to select your solid, then go to "Pull", and select the tool option "scaling" (a cube with the 6 arrows)
Then you ALT + click on the axis where you want the scaling to occur and you pull as you would for any other normal operation.

Hope it helps

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