How do you rotate multiple parts in Inventor?

in AutoCAD it is so easy - enter rotate --> select geometry --> select base point --> enter angle of rotation. Not so much in Inventor. First of all rotate sucks - I can't enter a value at all. So I use grip snap but I can only select one component at a time. I am working on something right now where this is very cumbersome - I have to perform this operation 36 times - I would only have to do it 2 times in ACAD. Any suggestions?

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2 Answers

Are you trying to make a pattern of components in an assembly, or rotating one part to a certain angle?
If it is the second, you have to use constraints. You need to pick a plane or face on the part, then add a constraint to another face or plane. Within that you can select the angle you require.

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If you simply want to rotate parts, there is a hotkey on the keboard for that. Just hit the letter "G". So to rotate several parts at the same time, click on one, thn hold the key "Ctrl" and click all parts desired. Then once they are al highlighted, hit the key "G", then you should be able to rotate all of them.
Hope this helps.

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