how to convert un single body ( multiple not merged features) in multiple parts and with the possibility to delete the first single body after?

I modeled parts around another ( like in an assembly) to reuse sketches ( feature merge disabled) .

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Hope this is what you are looking for. You can go to Insert/Features/Save Bodies then in the dialog box select the bodies you required to extract from the part. Then uptick consume cut bodies option. Then hit OK. Then you will get separate parts. But they all linked with the main part. If you did any changes to main model it will update on those too. It will take some rebuilt time. So if you don't need that feature you can do as follows. Open the saved body part. Select the top most of the feature manager tree(icon is like a building block). Right click on it. When you come down there will be List external refs . then select it. Then you can see a dialog box of all external references associated with this part . In this case there should be only one. In the bottom there is break all button. Click on it. So your part is isolated from all relations.

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use the delete body feature or the intersect tool

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