How does your desktop look?

Not only working but also enjoying #1 :D

Take a screenshot of your desktop view and post it here. Let's see who will get the most "liked" ;)

For who doesn't know how to;
You can do it with your "printscreen" , "PrtSc" key on keyboard. And then ctrl+v key in microsoft paint or any similar software.. :))

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This is a good one Cemal, this will be very interesting to watch.

Mine is very simple looking for a good reason.
I hate having a mess around me and the same goes
for my desktop....

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New 18" Alienware laptop, so the theme fits.....and i hate things on my desktop.

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My work screen. I'm in the "minimal" camp as well.

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I told you, I have a slideshow, changing every now and then... it's now again :)

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The picture on the "question" is from my laptop.

And here is my desktop pc's screen ;)

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This is actually my auxiliary's laptop Desktop.

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i have to add my new desktop, i discovered Rainmetar -desktop customization tool, and i find out how to put outlook calendar and email inbox on desktop so i can keep eyes on important mail (my office email is over outlook, and private mail is over gmail) and responsibilities, so my desktop look like this now:

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