How does your working environment look like?

Not only working but also enjoying #3

Take a photo of your working environment. And upload it here.

I am waiting for proffessional/funny/super/crowded/elegant etc. environments from you. That would be really funny stuff to do.

Show your clean/dirty/ultraprofessional living environment peps ;)

for "Not only working but also enjoying #1"

for "Not only working but also enjoying #2

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this is my desk office few weeks ago , usually i have only one laptop but i had to use some programs from my old lap top so i had them both on on my desk and i had to take a picture as it was so crowded on my desk :)

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This is my Think Zone: AMD X6 1090, 8G, 5TB, Quadro FX5800, Water cooled

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what does this look like in my environment

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