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How to activate "Recognize Features" in Solidworks?

By Zhijing Liao on 26 Jan 21:05 1 answer 284 views 0 comments

I am trying to run the feature recognition on my imported geometry(STP profile), which is a surface body. However, the "Feature Recognition" is not active. I've already added in the FeatureWorks and run the import diagnostics. Anyone knows how to fix that? Many thanks in advance!:)

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  • ioan skurka
    ioan skurka 6 months ago

    Recognize features will not work with only one surface.
    Features ... not surface.
    When a solid part is converted in stl format, solid became surfaces, recognize features will try to convert, you surfaces in solid, choosing some features, mostly will not work.
    Loft, boundary, loft cut are not available in recognize features... can be used in simple parts with basic features boss extrude, extrude cut, revolve, filled, hole...

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