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how to add different material to different bodies of same product?

By Sreekrishnan Pillai on 27 Aug 17:34 5 answers 481 views 0 comments

I have used surface design tool and part design to design the product. Since we cant add material directly to surface design part, I added thickness to it. Then I tried adding material, but it didn't happen. Please correct me where I am wrong.

5 answers

  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir about 3 years ago

    u can also assign material surfaces just select them from specification tree as a feature.

  • Hugo Alanis
    Hugo Alanis about 3 years ago

    Please send me an email, to send a proceddure, step by step how to add material, its very useful I think you wont have any problems.

    Hope your answer!!

  • sanket
    sanket about 3 years ago

    you can use new body of each piece you want different material for

    go in insert>body in part design

  • 6d299ea1
    6d299ea1 about 1 month ago

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