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How to add Fixed Geometry to Beam in SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION?

By Tomass Ozols - Ozolins on 10 Oct 15:18 7 answers 0 comments

I'am disigning trailer frame for my batchelors degree. I am a bit confused because I can't add fixtures on specific point at that beam. Solidworks allows add only Joints. How to add fixed geometry to beam in specific point or area??

Sorry for my bad English. :)


Ramis_nesametinats.SLDPRT, 405 KB

7 answers

  • Ayush Gupta
    Ayush Gupta 12 months ago

    ur file and capture..
    for move inbox me anytime

    IMAD ELSHEIKH 4 months ago

    Please help me urgently, I want to simulate a ladder frame deformation fixing 3 corners each in different directions:
    first corner in X, Y and Z
    second corner in X and Y
    and third corner in Z direction.
    and then apply force at the forth corner downward or upward.

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