How to Change axies in solidwork?

Recently i stucked with a problem when started rendering my part in solidworks.
My question is how can we change mager axises in solidworks.
For example if you drew your first sketch in Top plan and suddenly after you finished your modeling,realize that your model should be drawn in Right plan.

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Use the move copy body command. See tutorial below.

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Answered with a tutorial:

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Maybe I'm missing something here but why not just edit the sketch plane?
Just click the sketch in the feature tree and then click 'edit sketch plane' and select the plane you want the sketch to be on.

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hi may friend your answer have more way
one way in the solid works . Beginning Model on the plan drawing.Next, if you want Change axises.
Right Click and select Edit sketch plan model For example i design model front plan and change axises and plan

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2 way in photo view very easy just select z.y.x very nice

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Yes, if you update the first sketch plane and subsequent planes are referenced absolutely, you can cause rebuild errors. This is why I usually try and use relative model features to define my reference geometry. So my references update when the model changes and don't stay stuck to absolute references. It's not always possible to draw this way but it's a good habit to get into and can save a lot of time when you have to go back and change something at the top of a long feature tree. So if you have a face lying on the right plane and you want to draw on that face. Select the face and not the right plane for your sketch. One way will update properly if the model changes but the other won't. That's a simple example but the pitfalls are not always so obvious.

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Use update Views, rather than adding features. (Advice given to me via this site last year); better method.

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My problem is in changing the first sketch plane,Not the orientation view!
During using photoview360 feature you can change top view of you project.but if you change it,all the illumination settings will change i used "Rohit Mitra" solution and it worked!

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Boa tarde amigo

Acho que entendi seu problema, e não vejo outra solução a não ser a de retroceder sua árvore de construção até o inicio de seu projeto e editar manualmente seu plano de esboço e depois ir corrigindo os erros que irão aparecer.
Esta situação aparece muito quando vamos mandar uma peça para o CAM e precisamos da orientação correta dos eixos.
Espero ter ajudado e que o Google Tradutor não tenha traduzido errado.
Jackson Souza

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dadash age hanoozam moshkel dari,to design tree neveshte edit sketch plane bad ro safheye ke mikhay bezan,foran tamame sketch hat o mindaze ro oun safheyie ke mikhay,tanha rash fgt hamine!!!!!!bazam age moshkeli bood dar khedmatim!!!!!!

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