how to change default file type for inserting component in solidworks assembly environment.

once i have inserted a inventor file in sw and from then my default file type for inserting a component in assembly automatically set to inventor file(which was previously .prt) Please check the attached image. i hv checked all over internet but didnt find any solution. can anyone help, Is there is any way to change it againg?

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2 Answers

I've never seen an option to control that setting. If it changed after inserting an inventor file, I'd try to insert a native solidworks file next. Maybe it will automatically switch back?

Regarding inventor files:
I imported one the other night and found my system was really slow when applying new features to it. If possible, I'd break any association links with the original file, or simply re-import the model as a dumb solid. I can't think of any benefit that could make up for how slow everything became.

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I've had that same experience with importing .step files. What I started doing was to have a generic SW part that I imported one I was done with the foreign file type. I would just import the SW part and then delete it. From there, SW retained the SW format. Hope this helps.

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