How to change the language on imported part

when importing a part assembly from grab cad and un zipping the file, The parts and the tree on the left side in solid-works changed to what looks like Russian . I need help how do I change the imported files to English any help would be greatly appreciated

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I don't think there is any way for that to happen automatically. The feature names (i.e. Boss-Extrude1) are created by the software, or re-named by the user in the language specified when the software is installed.

I think your only solution will be to manually rename each feature (F2, slow double click, or RMB and choose Feature Properties). The good news is that the icons are all consistent in appearance (at least until you install SW2016), so figuring out what is a cut, boss, revolve, sweep...etc. will be easy.
Even with the above option, you may still find additional text that is still in the native language (i.e. dimensions, file properties, relationships, equations...etc.)

I think a second alternative would be too much work, but what if a macro was made to export the feature tree to a text file. You could then translate the text, and copy/paste to get the feature names back. One problem would be if the file creator renamed some of the features. In this case, you might get some odd translation results.

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Yes I changed each item ie Boss-Extrude etc manually but it did the job I might have a look at a macro for changing the text ? If I do I will let you know how it went

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