How to convert a shell model into a solid body ?

I have a car shell body which is made in CATIA V5. I normally use Nx 8 and therefore, will convert this file into IGS or step. I need a solid body, instead of a shell. My question is how can I convert this shell body into a solid body (either in CATIA V6/V5 or in NX 8)
Also, should I convert this shell body into solid body in CATIA (before exporting it to Nx) or should I first export it to Nx and then convert it into solid body ?

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So is it a surface of the car body or shell which actually is a solid body already? I guess it's just a surface at this point?

You can turn it into a solid body in both CATIA V5 or NX 8. In NX use the "Thicken" command which will give thickness to a surface and also turn it from surface to a solid body. NX can import CATIA V5 files (.catprt and .catprd) if you have the converting application in your NX, so there is necessarily no need for STEP/IGES conversion while opening the files in NX.

Ask if any problems appear.

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Hello ! Thanks for your reply. I was actually busy on some other project. But now, I'm back on this project. I'll try your method and will definitely let you know if it works.

Thanks, again !

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