how to convert catpart to stp without catia?

I'm looking for a converter that allows me to transform catparts to stp. The main problem is that the solution must be a freeware or a cheap software due to the compay does not allow any kind of craked sofware.

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1. Use Datakit software :
2. The best way is ask your supplier to converse from catia prograam

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As Charoenpon555 says is good, you pay per conversion you're interested in.

Alternative to asking the supplier, we are happy to assist on a support contract basis.

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Ozgur, your response is potentially helpful, but you erroneously assume that this person is creating a problem where none exists.

I work in a place where our design provider provides us with catparts and our machine shop needs step files. Our design provider is not responsible to convert to or provide step files.

This is not creating a problem where none exists.

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Creating problem from not problematic condition. Where do you get the .catpart file. Find the source and want them directly .stp.

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